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An advanced Lego® Mindstorms Robotics Program

image (Image Source: Lego® Building instructions)

Kids 10+ years old advance into this Robotics course from Wizard-2 course. They create advanced Robots with Lego® Mindstorms EV3 Robotics core and explansion kits. They create powerful robots that use advanced mechanisms in a combination of sensors, gears and wheels. They add to their previously gained knowledge of programming techniques and learn more about complex topics in Mindstorms EV3 programming such as data logging, sound and image manipulation. This course also engages kids in using complex programming logic and computations coupled with creativity. The components used are similar to those used in international competitons conducted by Lego® FLL(First Lego League). Extra coaching is provided to those kids who wish to participate in competitions as part of the Hadoop Express team. There are multiple challenges to expand on Robotics programming and improve skills on use of sensor, gears and programming logic. Kids are allowed to work individually or in groups depending upon their preference. This program is an advanced STEM( Science Technology Engineering Mathematics) course.

What Kids Do and Learn

In this program kids get to build multiple robots using Lego® Mindstorms EV3 kits. These are provided in the classroom. Each robot has multiple challenges associated. For example, make the ZNap robot run and turn using a remote control program, make an elephant respond to programs that control its movements, create a stair climber that clims stairs autonomously or create a robotic arm that can be remote-controlled to lift objects. The full course entails oseveral challenges plus sessions of creative exploration where students build robots using their own creative imagination and skills learnt in the classroom. Lecture notes and reference material is provided in between sessions.


Wizard-2 course at Hadoop Express or professional training on Lego®Mindstorms EV3


20 Weeks (one class per week)


10 years to 14 years

Highly Qualified and Experienced Technology Staff

Our teachers are highly qualified and include experienced architects, programmers and designers well-acquainted with the latest in technology. They are also available for helping the kids learn difficult concepts in the simplest possible manner.

Motivation and Rewards

Our programs keep the kids motivated by including competitive games, rewards for developing skills, creativity and good behavior. Kids receive stars for exceptional performance in several areas including homework submission, class behavior, creativity, leadership and technical skills. Plus they get surprise rewards for showing exceptional qualities in their learning pattern.