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Lego® Robotics with Scratch Programming


Kids 6 to 8 years old take this Robotics course to learn programming and Robotics techniques while building robots with Lego® expansion set. The curriculum focuses on Science, Mathematics, Technology, Engineering and Programming Skills. Thiscurriculum is designed to expand previous building knowledge gained through working with earlier WIZARD1 (Lego® EducationWeDo). Students work as young Engineers and guided through activities to build and program working models and apply new knowledge and experience to create new models (robots) and programs. They learn to create powerful robot prototypes using sensors, gears and wheels in multiple ways. This course engages kids in using complex programming logic and computations coupled with creativity. This program leads to other advanced STEM(Science Technology Engineering Mathematics) courses.

What Kids Do and Learn

1. Scratch Programming with Lego®: Scratch is the best way to introduce Computer Programming to young Students. It is a visual programming language.Students learn about Programming blocks (Motion, Looks, Sound, Data, Events, Control, Pen, Sensing, Operators,Extension block) in detail. Students learn to write programs inScratch and to use programs to control the Robots they create from Lego® bricks.
2. Creative Exploration: Students use their imagination and thinking to build their own Robots and using Scratch Programming software.
3. Guided Creative Exploration: Students learn to build Robotic Spirograph and one of the problem-solving activities like (Elevator, Safety Gate, Swing Ride, Carnival Game etc.) with guidance.

Highly Qualified and Experienced Technology Staff

Our teachers are highly qualified and include experienced architects, programmers and designers well-acquainted with the latest in technology. They are also available for helping the kids learn difficult concepts in the simplest possible manner.

Motivation and Rewards

Our programs keep the kids motivated by including competitive games, rewards for developing skills, creativity and good behavior. Kids receive stars for exceptional performance in several areas including homework submission, class behavior, creativity, leadership and technical skills. Plus they get surprise rewards for showing exceptional qualities in their learning pattern.