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A Lego® Mindstorms Robotics Program


Kids 10+ years old take this Robotics course to learn advanced Robotics techniques while building robots with Lego® Mindstorms EV3 Robotics kit. Kids learn to create powerful robot prototypes using sensors, gears and wheels in multiple ways. This course engages kids in using complex programming logic and computations coupled with creativity. The components used are similar to those used in international competitons conducted by Lego® such as FLL (First Lego┬« League) and JLL. Multiple challenges are provided in each class allowing kids to expand their horizon on Robotics and improve their skills on programming. This program is an advanced STEM (Science Technology Engineering Mathematics) course in which kids learn to use advanced concepts of remote controls, modular programming, variables, math expressions etc using Labview programming language used for Lego® Mindstorms EV3 robots.

What Kids Do and Learn

In this program kids get to build multiple robots using Lego® Mindstorms EV3 kits. These are provided in the classroom. Each robot has multiple challenges associated. For example, make the Driving Base perform a K-Turn or play a sound and reverse on hitting a wall. Othee exmaples include a conveyor that sorts bricks by colors, a robotics arm that lifts and places objects at spots, a puppy that responds to sound and touch, a raptor that senses objecs and strikes them as it moves etc. Kids also have fun creating their own robots to battle each other in a class. The full course entails over sixteen challenges and a couple sessions of creative exploration where students build robots using their own creative imagination and skills learnt in the classroom. Lecture notes and reference material is provided in between sessions.

Highly Qualified and Experienced Technology Staff

Our teachers are highly qualified and include experienced architects, programmers and designers well-acquainted with the latest in technology. They are also available for helping the kids learn difficult concepts in the simplest possible manner.

Motivation and Rewards

Our programs keep the kids motivated by including competitive games, rewards for developing skills, creativity and good behavior. Kids receive stars for exceptional performance in several areas including homework submission, class behavior, creativity, leadership and technical skills. Plus they get surprise rewards for showing exceptional qualities in their learning pattern.