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Python Coding for Kids
(Online Course By Hadoop Express)

Eligibility: Kids age 8 to 10

About this course

Python is a very popular language for many emerging fields including robotics, machine learning, artificial intelligence and gaming. Kids 8+ years old take this coding course to learn programming. This is an instructor led course offered online. Kids are required to have a laptop or desktop which has a camera and microphone (or headset connected). Instructions are delivered live as per an announced schedule. Make-ups are allowed for missed classes. Kids learn basic concepts of programming while delving into Python, one of the most popular programming langauges today.

Programming at an early age

The course teaches concepts about programming starting with installation of python and an editor for running python scripts. Kids start using Python language from the first class itself and soon progress to using essential commands. Foundational concepts such as use of constants, variables, looping and conditional statements are covered in the course. Kids get a hands-on experience of typing commands on a UNIX-like interface as well as to run simple programs to enhance their programming skills. The course stimulates thinking and encourages challenging the mind with proper sequencing of steps while writing code.

Course Highlights

  • Introduction to Python
  • Installation
  • Using the Python Shell
  • Using Editors – IDLE/ REPL
  • Syntax
  • Data and Data Types
  • Variables


Kids are guided progressively from simple to complex topics. The emphasis is on learning the language syntax as well different types of constructs, statements and commands. To make it fun, games are includes as fun exercises intermediately to practice in the class or at home.

Levels and duration

Classes are held once a week for one hour duration.
The full course is divided into three levels, each consisting of eight weeks:
  • Level 1: Basic - Two months (eight weeks)
  • Level 2: Intermediate - Two months (eight weeks)
  • Level 3: Professional - Two months (eight weeks)
Students progress from level to the next as they advance through the course. You need not fill a registration form for each level as the transition is automatic.

What's included

The course includes for online delivery of lectures, access to videos and classroom recordings and course content delvered intermittently as the classes proceed. Homework exercises are provided and are optional.

How the class is conducted

Kids join the class online at a Zoom meeting link provided by Hadoop Express at the scheduled time. Kids are able to watch fellow students and intructors and share their screens.
Kids are provided with tutorial videos and class videos to revise and practice concepts. Homework may be provided though it is optional.


Please use the link below to submit the registration form. No payment is required at the time of registration. You will receive an invoice by email after your form is reviewed and approved.

After submitting the registration form, it will be reviewed and an invoice will be later sent from Hadoop Express.

Payment Information

Total expense for each level is $200 ($100 per month). A month is considered as a four week period. A recurring invoice of $100 per month for two months will be set up and sent to you.
Payment must be received in advance and non-payment will result in cancellation of your subscription.
Level Duration Fee Fee Per Month
Level 1 2 Months $200 $100
Level 2 2 Months $200 $100
Level 3 2 Months $200 $100
Total (Full Course) 6 Months $600 $100
Payments are month-to-month basis and non-refundable.

How to Pay

Once you fill the registration form you will be sent an email with an invoice. The email containing the invoice is generated by Square, a popular payment and invoicing system. A link in the invoice wil allow you to make an online payment. The payment is secure and managed completely by Square. We do not save your credit card information in our systems. Square provides you an option to save your card information in their database if you prefer.

What's Next

Upon completion of the course kids are equipped to progress to higher levels of programming in Python. For example using Python on RaspberryPi projects (Artificial Intelligence) or using Python for Machine Learning and data analytics. Alternatively, kids can learn additional languages like Java or C++.

Disclaimer: Hadoop Express is not affiliated in any way with Raspberry Pi Foundation or Python Software Foundation. Hadoop Express and its services are not endorsed, sponsored by or associated with Raspberry Pi or Raspberry Pi products or services or Python Software Foundation or any other company. Please visit www.Raspberry Pi.orgto learn about products and services offered by Raspberry Pi Foundation. Please visit to learn about Python programming language from Python Software Foundation, the organization behind Python.