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FLL Junior Training (At Hadoop Express)

FLL Jr. (FIRST®LEGO® LEAGUE Junior) is a fun way for kids to learn STEM concepts. Over 20,000 teams participate in this event around the world. Kids start exploring scientific issues at a young age and develop skills to solve problems in a scientific manner. It engages and encourages kids to think out of the box and use tools that can carry their ideas into the real world. Kids work collaboratively in teams and try to solve a a real-world challenge by research, critical thinking, and imagination. They develop posters and models from Lego® Education Wedo 2.0 kits and present them to judges at an expo or exhibition held at multiple locations around the world at different times during the year.

Each team participates with one or two coaches and optionally, mentors and volunteers. Teams may be rewarded at the event after the judges review their project. However, this is not guaranteed. Teams follow the core values embraced by FIRST® and are expected to cooperate within the team as well as with competing teams instead of treating competitors as adversaries. The objective is to have fun while learning and demonstrate a team spirit that extends beyond their own team to create an inclusive learning and encouraging environment that spreads STEM education in a productive manner helpful to society as a whole.
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Expert Coaching and Guidance by Hadoop Express

Hadoop Express is engaged in Robotics education. It is not affiliated to FLL in any way. It forms teams, trains them and helps them participate in FLL and FLL Jr. events in the right spirit. Expert guidance and oversight is provided to kids who prepare models, create posters, design and program robots. All kind of equipment and resources required to participate in the event are procured and provided to kids by Hadoop Express. Hadoop Express will be taking more than one team to FLL and FLL Jr. events this year.

Eligibility: Kids age 6 to 10

After submitting the registration form, please wait for approval and invoice from Hadoop Express.

Working together for FLL

Fee and Expenses

    Fee Amount: $699

  • Payable electronically or by check in favor of Hadoop Express and mailed or delivered to our center at Parsipany, New Jersey. Wait for invoice sent by email.
  • The fee includes registration for the event, supply of kits, equipment and resources required for the event including computers, iPads, accessories, arrangements for meetings or conferences, training on robotics, oversight on creating poster, researching a problem and presenting it. Expenses for travel, food, boarding, lodging or any other incidetals are not included in the fee and will be extra.
  • Uniform expenses will be additional. Expect upto $50 (T-Shirt and cap with printed team logo).
  • A few teams are invited by FIRST to an international exhibition/ expo. The fee for that participation would be extra and is not included in the fee mentioned above

Work Schedule

August till expo (tentatively end of November):
- Kick-off meeting for kids and parents together (one hour)
- Construct and build at least once a week - Understand and practice FIRST Core Values
- Identify a problem and work on a solution
- Design and build the model
- Create a project presentation - Go to the Expo (upon invitation by FLL) - Present the Poster and model to judges
- Take any rewards if FLL decides to provide and accept decision of judges - Show gracious professionalism at all times

FLL Jr Event Hadoop Express

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