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FLL Training (At Hadoop Express)

FLL (FIRST®LEGO® LEAGUE) is a global competition that is held every year. It is the most popular Robotics competition in which thousands of teams compete around the world. The teams are required to demonstrate core values, research a project, design a robot that performs various missions on a game board using their programmed, autonomously driving robot. The competition is held simultaneously in multiple cities across multiple states in the United States and other countries.

FLL Event Hadoop Express

Each team participates with one or two coaches and optionally, mentors and volunteers. The competition typically lasts for a day and held at multiple levels, namely a local qualifier round followed by regional, national and finally international level.
Teams are encouraged to have a collaborative attitude and cooperate with competing teams instead of acting as adversaries. The objective is to have fun while learning and demonstrate a team spirit that extends beyond their own team to create an inclusive learning and encouraging environment that spreads STEM education in a productive manner helpful to society as a whole.
You may read more about the event by following the links below:
About FLL

Working together for FLL

Hadoop Express at FLL

Expert Coaching and Guidance by Hadoop Express

Hadoop Express is engaged in Robotics education. It is not affiliated to FLL in any way. It forms teams, trains them and helps them participate in the FLL competition in the right spirit. Expert guidance is provided on how to prepare for the event, designing and programming robots and arranging for all kinds of resources required to participate in the event. Hadoop Express will be taking more than one team to the competition this year.

Sharing the fun at FLL

Register for FLL at Hadoop Express

  • Fill the registration form at this link asap: REGISTER NOW

  • You will be contacted by our team within 24 hours.

  • Kids selected for a team will be notfied by end of July .

  • Optional FLL - Primer - For Mindstorms EV3 rookies who do not have exposure to Mindstorms EV3, we will provide training before enrolling into a team. This is required and fee is separate for it. The training requires one-and-half hour sessions, twice a week for one month (Total 12 hours).

  • Team meetings and practice sessions will commence first week of August.

Fee and Expenses

  • The fee charged by Hadoop Express per participant is $1299 for reaching and participating in the qualifier round.

  • Fee must be paid in advance. Deadline for payment is extended to July 26th

  • Besides coaching, this fee includes registration for the event, supply of kits, game table and mat required for the competition, supply of computers, iPads, accessories, arrangements for on-line meetings or conferences, training required to program robots, guidance on identifying and preparing for the research topic.

  • Expenses for travel, food, boarding, lodging or any other incidetals are not included in the fee and will be extra.

  • An additional charge of $50 is expected to be paid closer to the date of the competition to pay for the team uniform (T-Shirt and cap with printed team logo).

  • You may expect similar fee and expenses for the team's subsequent entry into each additional level namely, regional, national or international.

Trpohy winners at FLL


Ages 9 to 14. Robotics training is required to be part of a team. If you do not have training on EV3 Mindstorms, you must enroll for the FLL training program at Hadoop Express to be eligible for placement on a team.


Knowledge of EV3 Mindstorms block programming. Those kids who are not trained on EV3 Mindstorms, please enroll for Hadoop Express FLL Preparatory Program latest by July 1st. The fee for the preparatory program is additional to the fee for FLL Program.

FLL Team of Hadoop Express

Schedule for the tournament preparation

August first week: Kick-off meeting for kids and parents together (one hour)
August first week to November (around thanksgiving holiday):
- Understand and practice Core Values required for the competition
- Identify a problem that scientists face and work on a proposal to solve the problem
- Set up the Robot mat and props on the game table
- Design and build the robot
- Program the robot for missions (expect 15 to 20 missions from FLL)
- Practice the missions
- Outreach - hold events to showcase your robot, explain FLL to school kids, spread the word
- Hold review meetings to gauge progress and take actions
- Create a core Values poster
- Create a prototype for the solution to problem idenfied for project
- Create a project presentation and poster - Go to the touranment site (allocated by FLL) - Present the Core Values, Robot Design, Project to judges and compete on the robot missions
- Take any rewards granted by FLL and accept decision regarding advancing to regional level (only top two or three teams out of tenty five may win at the qualifier and go to regional level)

Hadoop Express Team Winnners at FLL