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Learn Robotics and Coding this Summer

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We are providing coaching for Robotics and Coding this summer at half/ full day programs at Brain Shine, 378 Route 46 W, Parsippany, NJ. It is a great way to have your kid play and learn at the same time.


  • Stress-free learning from morning till evening
  • Creative construction with Lego® bricks
  • Coding, games and friendly competitions
  • Robotics with Lego® kits (WeDo/ Boost/ EV3 Midstorms)
  • Kids learn about use of Sensors, Motors, Gears in Robotics
  • STEM kits to learn Science and Engineering concepts
  • Learn circuit theory with electronic components
  • Resistors, Diodes, LEDs, Capacitors, Switches, Relays, potentiometers
  • Knowledge enriching videos
  • Raspberry Pi/ Python (for grades 6 - 8)
  • Breaks for recreation, board games and entertainment

More about the program

1. Multiple age groups from Kindergarten to high school
2. Focus on STEM (Science Technology Engineering and Math’s)
3. Personalized attention
4. Structured and systematic curriculum and proven teaching methodology.
5. No minimum-batch-size

Prices and Schedules
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Minimum enrollment is for one week (half-day). You may enroll for as many weeks as you require from last week of June till end of August. 5% discount if fully paid in advance before end of April 2019. No discounts will be available thereafter. Sibling discount 10% for kids from same unit family (not friends or relatives). Cancellation will result in forfeiture of 20% of paid amount.


1. Special for four week enrollment - Pay in full before June 5, 2019: 30%
2. Sibling Discount (for enrolling more than one kid from same family): 5%
3. Special for Hadoop Express currently enrolled students: (5%). Ex-students do not qualify for this discount. Student should be enrolled in one of regular Hadoop Express evening programs.


To register for the Summer Camp, you need to fill the registration form. Register Now

Eligibility and Schedule

For Kids (ages 5 - 14 )
Start Date: June 24th, 2019
End Date: August 30, 2019 Time Slots:
Full Day: 8.30 am - 4.30 pm Half Day: 8.30 am – 12.30 pm
Half Day: 12.30 pm – 4.30 pm

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Activities at a glance

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    The activities mentioned below are representative of the activities kids will engage in. They may be substituted or more activities added of a similar kind and parents or guardians will be informed and have an option to accept or refuse any activity

    Coding and Robotics Activities

    • Block Programming with Lego® Wedo and Mindstorms Kits
    • Scratch Programming for animation and gaming
    • Build your own computer
    • Computer Basics (What makes a computer work)
    • Networking Basics (How do computers communicate)
    • Programming for kids
      • Python
      • Raspberry Pi
      • Software Projects (using Raspberry Pi / Python)

    Intellectual Games

    • Rubic's Cube
    • Scrabble
    • Puzzles
    • Chess
    • Battleships
    • Stratego

    Indoor Fun

    • Carrom (Board Game)
    • Other Board Games (Checkers/ Blockers/ Ludo)
    • Cartoon Movies (Humor)
    • Adventure movies (age appropriate)
    • Mindful Coloring/ Painting/ Drawing/ Sketching

    Visual Training

    • Educational Videos
    • Story Reading

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