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Python Programming for Scientific Projects


Kids 10+ years old take this practical coding course to learn progrmaming while at the same time applying their skills to practical, exciting projects. Kids work on projects that make use of electronic equipment controlled by Python prgrams residing on a computer called Raspberry Pi (to learn more visit www.Raspberry which uses a powerful UNIX operating system called Raspbian. This program is an advanced STEM (Science Technology Engineering Mathematics) course in which kids learn multiple STEM concepts along with programming.

(An image created by Python Turtle graphics)

The course teaches concepts about hardware, software, operating system (UNIX), networking, object-oriented programming, electrical circuits and using Python language to buld algorithms that control electrical and electronic components such as LED lights, robots and cameras. Python is one of the most popular and versatile language used these days for many applications including gaming, data analytics, robotics, artifical intelligence and machine learning.

(Kids use Python to blink LED lights)

What Kids Do and Learn

The goal is to learn programming as kids work on the projects. Kids are expected to complete some of the projects listed below as they progress through the course.
Consider this to be an illustrative, not comprehensive list of projects. The typical course progression as well as sample projects are provided below:

Course Highlights

  • Learn essential concepts of Hardware, Software
  • Learn how to use the file system in UNIX
  • Learn the Python language (Variables, classes, objects, control structures)
  • Create complex, graphical, colored patterns on the screen using Python
  • Create a game to race turtles using Python
  • Learn basics of Electrical Circuits
  • Learn how to control LED lights using Python programming
  • Create a traffic light system using switches, buttons and LED bulbs
  • Create your own driving robot and control its motors with Python
  • Use Python to control a camera and take pics at defined intervals
  • Capture live videos using Python
  • Program an ultrasonic sensor on Raspberry Pi with Python
  • Learn to use and program a PIR sensor

Highly Qualified Staff

Our teachers are highly qualified and include experienced architects, programmers and designers well-acquainted with the latest in technology. They are also available for helping the kids learn difficult concepts in the simplest possible manner.

(gpio pins on a Raspberry Pi are used by Python programs)

Motivation and Rewards

Our programs keep the kids motivated by including competitive games, rewards for developing skills, creativity and good behavior. Kids receive stars for exceptional performance in several areas including homework submission, class behavior, creativity, leadership and technical skills. Plus they get surprise rewards for showing exceptional qualities in their learning pattern.

Frequency and Duration

  • Tuesday thru Thursday: 6 pm to 7.30 pm
  • Friday: 4.30 pm to 6 pm
  • Duration: 20 Weeks (@ one class per week)

Disclaimer: Hadoop Express is not affiliated in any way with Raspberry Pi Foundation or Python Software Foundation. Hadoop Express and its services are not endorsed, sponsored by or associated with Raspberry Pi or Raspberry Pi products or services or Python Software Foundation or any other company. Please visit www.Raspberry Pi.orgto learn about products and services offered by Raspberry Pi Foundation. Please visit to learn about Python programming language from Python Software Foundation, the organization behind Python.