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The Wonderful Art of Chess

A game that was developed about 600 CE during the period of Gupta Empire in India has now evolved to become one of the most popular games played at national and international levels across many countries.

Why is Chess good for Kids

Fun and Entertainment: Chess is a game that can be fun and entertainment for the whole family. A great way to relieve stress, it brings peace, love and harmony within families

Problem Solving skills: Chess stimulates deep thinking, planning and forecasting as players weigh the consequences of every move. Player learn from their mistakes and avoid repeating them. It teaches one to accept failures as stepping stones to success.

Developing the mind and brain It is rare to find a kid that can stay focussed on an activity or a thought pattern. Their mind is playful and constantly flits and wanders in different directions. Some parents find it hard to keep their children focussed on reading or finishing homework! Playing chess sharpens the brain and trains the mind. It acts like an exercise that trains the mind and improves the ability to concentrate a divergent mind to a thought pattern. Kids that play can spend a long time completely engrossed and focussed on the game.

Build creativity: Kids can develop their own creative ways of playing chess going from a defensive technique to an aggressive, attacking player. It provides an opportunity to kids to explore different styles and techniques and develop a mindset that is exploratory and creative.

About the Instructor

Oluwaseun Bisiriyu-Salam

Professional Trainer

Seun holds a number of qualifications:
- FIDE Certified Chess in Education Lecturer (CEL - Teacher Trainer)
- Certified FIDE Instructor (FI), FIDE Certified School Instructor (SI)
- US Chess Federation Club Tournament Director
- Chess International player with over 23 years of tournament play.

Oluwaseun has a bachelors degree in Philosophy from the University of Ibadan where he also started teaching chess as a prominent member of the chess team. He also represented Nigeria at the 2012 Zone 4.2. International tournament.

Since moving to the United States, he has helped schools, libraries and Scholastic institutions develop chess programs, taught curriculum and after-school programs. He has also worked at different chess camps in New York and New Jersey. He is the founder of Livingston Scholastic Chess Tournaments.

Teaching kids how to play chess is his passion and he strongly believes every kid should be given an opportunity to learn chess even if they don't intend to be professionals because chess helps kids develop a kind of reasoning that is analytical, logical, rational and strategical. A thinking system which can be transferred to other areas in life.

Services covered by Hadoop Express

Hadoop Express provides coaching, facility and equipment to kids and teams participating in Chess learning and tournaments. Hadoop Express® helps in registering kids for learning and providing staff and instructors, co-ordinating with parents and communicating information about events and holidays. It provides game tables, computers and other equipment required to prepare kids for learning. Hadoop Express facilitates events and reviews learning plans for registered kids in counltation with professionals.

Competitions and Tournaments

Kids are trained to participate in tournaments held by the US Chess Federation. Please visit US Chess Federation . These competitions are held for multiple levels and ages in several cities across USA. Chess learners at Hadoop Express will have the opportunity to take part in these USCF tournaments for a nominal fee. The venue will be the same Hadoop Express facility where kids practice on Sundays. Kids would be eligible to apply and participate in these tournaments. Winners would receive medals or prizes at these events. These tournaments are used for deciding the chess rating for the kids and help them move from one level to the next based on thoer ratings.
Hadoop Express will plan dates for these tournaments in counsultation with USCF. It is expected that they would be held on a Sunday every month (see link to Fee and Schedule in link below).

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We follow a holiday schedule as per the school calendar for Parsippany Troy Hills School District. Classes are not held on days schools are closed.