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Why Big Data?

6 billion people on the planet have cell phones. 
2.5 Quintillion bytes of data are created each day. 
18.9 billion network connections exist on earth.
NYSE captures 1 TB of trade information each session.

Companies today are challenged by the volume and complexity of business related data and grapple with methods to analyze and understand it for optimum performance. Some of the modern world's most leading successful efforts have utilized data analytics. From President Obama's 2012 campaign to Nordstrom's customer engagement model, Big Data is changing diverse industries from banking to healthcare, from food, fashion, electronics to automobiles and retail. 

Naturally, data and data analytics jobs are in high demand today. In 2015 alone, 4.4 million new big data vacancies remained unfilled. Some of the world's most leading companies are looking for experts in big data. The average salary for a data sciences job in 2015 was $105,000. Python, Hadoop and Java are the leading data skill set employers are looking for today. Cisco, IBM, Oracle, Intuit and Amazon are adding thousand more new big data hires each year. IBM alone advertised 2,307 new big data positions this year. 

The good news is this - big data jobs have an extremely high 'hiring scale'. This means that for every ten vacancies, only one or two skilled experts are available. The rarity of the skill has amped up salaries. Employers today are willing to go the extra mile to procure talent in big data. 

With Hadoop Express, you can prepare yourself to meet this oncoming data revolution. Our courses are diligently put together to match industry needs and to improve student employability. We are here to help you build the career of your dreams. 

Have questions? Get in touch with our corporate office here or obtain support here.

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