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Placements and Career

Expert Job Counseling

At Hadoop Express, we believe that each of our students is special and deserves a special career. We provide free career counseling to help you pick the right career path. We bring guidance to you from experienced industry leaders, consultants and top executives. Should you learn Hadoop or R? How should you begin entering the Big Data market? How much do you need to learn? What kind of jobs are available? How does my resume look? We answer all these questions and more as you speak with our experienced counselors.

Get a head start into tackling the ever demanding Big Data job market

Special extra hours and care

Further, we take extra care by giving special individual attention beyond class hours. For e.g., if you are stuck on installation or a piece of your code, just use our discussion forum and email the instructor. Prompt help is just a message away!

We don't disconnect from you after the course is over. You continue to get guidance and free assistance to your queries from our instructors, discussion forum and blogs.


If your course has an industry recognized certification (such as Java from Oracle and Hadoop from Cloudera) , it is recommended you pass the requisite exam to obtain the certification. This would greatly improve your chances of securing a job. Where certification is available, our courses provide guidance on preparing for them by means of quizzes, exercises and demos. Further, we spot bright candidates and help with placements. We showcase your profile to our clients and give you priority in selection for jobs, both within and outside Net Serpents, the sponsor and provider of hadoopexpress.com.

Practice and Gain Confidence

Our courses are geared for fast and effective learning. It's not like reading a text book. It's a practical, effective means of getting ready for on-the-job projects! You leave with the confidence of starting immediately on writing effective code and settling into projects. If there is any lack of confidence, we go beyond class hours and provide special individual assistance with labs and exercises. And remember, your relationship doesn't end with the course. Reach out to us anytime during or after the course, for a lifetime!

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