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Free Videos on Hadoop, Spark and other Big Data topics

Watch the following free videos and improve your learning of Hadoop and its ecosystem. Feel free to enroll for classes at Hadoop Express to get a richer learning experience by getting access to hundreds of course videos and life time access to course material.

Free Video on Intro to Hadoop (YouTube)

This video introduces you to Hadoop and explains the main concepts of Hadoop and its architecture. It is meant for those who are starting out on Hadoop and wish to know the big picture about it before diving into details.

The video is presented by Shashi Prakash, leading expert and mentor on Hadoop and founder of Hadoop Express.

Free Video on Apache Hadoop Streaming

Hadoop Streaming allows you to run Hadoop Map Reduce jobs in languages other than Java. Watch this video to see how easy and simple it is to use this feature:

Free Video on Apache Spark:

This video allows you get a quick introduction to Apache Spark which is rapidly gaining popularity in many Fortune 500 and other companies. Spark allows you to quickly analyze data in close to real time. It enables storing data into a Hadoop cluster as it arrives in a streaming fashion and analyze it by running queries in real time or batch mode by creating objects in memory called RDDs. Watch the video to learn more and gain a quick understanding of Spark framework, architecture and features.

Interested in More?

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