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How to Register and Attend On Premises Courses

On-premises courses are held every week and start every Monday. Four hours a day, Monday thru Friday. Course structure and syllabus is similar to on-line courses. However, there is greater interaction with instructor and much higher focus on hands-on classroom exercises and examples. Snacks are provided during breaks and hard copies of course material are handed out to students. Notebooks, pens etc are provided in the class and access to computers is available on request.

  • Step 1: Decide which course you wish to take. The Course title, content, syllabus etc are published on the website and you can click on any course card on the home page and select view details.

  • Step 2: If you wish further consultation contact us via live chat or send an email by clicking on the menu bar on the top of the page or simply call us.

  • Step 3: Send a check for $1500 (USD) in favor of Net Serpents LLC and mail it to our office: Net Serpents LLC , 2001 Route 46, Suite 310 (Waterview Plaza),  Parsippany NJ 07054. To request a discount call us or use the live chat functionality. Or simply request a call back by sending an email via contact us page

  • Step 4: Arrive at the center as per your scheduled date and time. It is recommended you bring your laptop. If you do not have a laptop, you may request a loaner computer/ laptop to be allocated before you're arrival.

General Information

The instructor delivers lectures in the class. Try to reach the classroom fifteen minutes ahead of schedule to avoid missing any part of the lecture. High speed internet is available in the classroom. Speak or live chat with our support specialist in case you have any questions about the course.

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