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Career in SAS

SAS is a leading provider of Statistical Analysis software. It is well established in a large number of Fortune 500 companies. A career in SAS can definitely be rewarding for those starting out in IT.

Who should train for SAS?

SAS is most beneficial for career seekers who have an interest in data analysis and data visualization. It is easy to learn and master in a short period of time for those who have a high school mathematical background. Business analysts, data analysts, data architects, reports designers and programmers and business intelligence programmers will find SAS a great option to advance their careers.

How many jobs in SAS

There are plenty of jobs in SAS on account of the continuous rising trend of data analysis. For example, LinkedIn is displaying <11,173 Sas jobs, careers, employment in United States>
SAS Institute itself has over 700 jobs displayed on Glassdoor: See SAS Institue offer on glassdoor

How to train

Learning SAS by oneself by watching youtube videos or searching for free education can be self-defeating. It is best to join a course that is structured and geared to provide certification in SAS. Employers like to see SAS certified programmers as it establishes credibility of the job seeker's qualifications.
Hadoop Express has a fast track course that can be taken by simply spending four hours on two saturdays and two sundays. It's a great way to learn SAS quickly and easily even if you don;t have a programming background. All you require is an ability to use Windows explorer on a laptop or desktop, basic Excel knowledge and basic statistical knowledge such as familiarity with concepts of mean, median, mode, standard deviation etc.

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