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Frequently Asked Questions

Common Queries

Which other forms of payment are possible besides paying by master or visa card from the website?

Master and Visa credit card payments are accepted if made over the website or over the phone. We do not accept Paypal payments at this time. Please contact support for additional information on payment options.

Can I enroll for more than one course at a time?

Yes there is no restriction on the number of courses a student may enroll in.

Can I cancel my enrollment after registering for a course?

Yes, you may cancel registration any time before the start of the course or within one week of start of course for instructor led courses. A full refund would be permissible if cancellation occurs within such stipulated time frame. For self-paced enrollments, cancellations after registering are not possible.

What kind of course material is provided?

You will have access to student guides which contain all course material referred by the instructor during instructor led classes. You also receive solutions to quizzes and exercises and sample of code examples demonstrated in the class. Access to shared computers over the cloud is provided in some courses where it is difficult to download software and practice on self-owned computer.

For self-paced courses all course material is available on the website. You will have access to videos and documents containing course instructions as well as code samples and solutions to exercises and quizzes. Self-paced courses do not have access to shared computers using internet or cloud service providers.

If I decide to withdraw from a course will I be given a refund?

No, withdrawal from a course is not entitled to a refund. In special cases, a partial refund may be considered such as dissatisfaction with the conduct of the course or if the course schedule is disrupted due to any unavoidable circumstance. A request for refund may be made by calling the help desk at the phone or email address provided. However, there is no guarantee of a refund and every case is evaluated on its individual merits.


I am not able to access my account. How do I get help?

If you registered on Hadoop Express using a social media platform like Facebook, Google Plus or LinkedIn, you should log in using the same media platform to access your account. If you registered using the registration form, you can log in by entering your user ID and password on our log in form.

If you have difficulty remembering how your registered or for any other queries, please visit our support page and drop us a message. 

How do I reset my password?

Log in to your account on Hadoop Express. Click on the drop down menu under your name on the top right. Click on ‘User Account’ and the ‘Settings’ tab. You can change your password under Settings. 

Note that you can not change your password if you registered using a social media platform.  

I have a Big Data related course in mind that is not offered on Hadoop Express. What should I do?

We are always happy to take suggestions from our users. If there is a course you think we should offer, we would get right on putting it together for our customers. Please visit our support page and leave us a message. 

How do I contact the instructor for a course?

You can click on the ‘Email Instructor’ button on the course page and send the instructor a message. You must be enrolled in the instructor-led course to be able to contact the instructor.

What is the difference between the self-paced model and the instructor-based model?

A self-paced course, as the name suggests, lets you learn at a pace you are comfortable with. The course consists of course videos, textual content and assignments, carefully put together by our talented instructors. There are no scheduled online classes. You can start a discussion, post a question or answer other students’ queries on the course discussion forum.

An instructor-led course has regular, pre-scheduled online classes with a qualified instructor that you can join via web conference. Instructor led courses ensure individual attention, immediate answers to your queries and a study companion as you learn. You can email the instructor with questions before or after a class and be in a rewarding classroom experience. Our instructor led students have, by default, access to all content in the self-paced module as well. 

I enrolled for a course and made my payment. What now?

After you make your payment, you receive a confirmation email that confirms your registration for the course. Next, you should be able to visit your course dashboard by logging in with your  userid and password and then clicking on your username that appears on top right side of the home page, selecting "My Dashboard"  and them clicking "Go to Course". A few days before the start of your course, course content will start appearing on the left side of this course page on your dashboard. This content may consist of PDF files of your course material, videos of lectures from previous batches, tutorials and live recordings of the scheduled sessions you attended or missed. 

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